Web and Data Science Lab

About the lab

"There is a growing realization among many researchers that if we want to model the Web and understand its future trajectory, if we want to understand the architectural principles that have provided for its growth, and if we want to be sure that it supports the basic social values of trustworthiness, privacy, and respect for social boundaries, then we must chart out a research agenda that targets the Web as a primary focus of attention. Wendy Hall

Since its inception in the 1990s the World Wide Web has changed the ways in which people think, work, play, communicate and collaborate. Resulting from these activities on the web is an exponential amount of data being generated exponentially fast. Web and Data Science Lab uses a multi-disciplinary approach to explore the impact of this dynamic evolving web, its challenges, and its opportunities. Our aim is to develop tools and algorithms that enhance our fundamental understanding of how to analyze, manage, store, and search this stream of generated data and its impact on society. We do this by exploring and questioning the fundamentals of the World Wide Web's functioning including the protocols, algorithms, future trends, social issues and its pervasiveness.